The Best Damn Fishing Lure Ever

Fish have an irresistible appetite for juvenile turtles. It is through this irresistible appetite that Snapper was designed. Snapper is a meticulously refined fishing lure that mimics the shape of a turtle. This lure will forever change your fishing experience. Conquer the waters.

Imitating Nature
Fish instinctually attack baby turtles, preventing the overproduction of the species. Following this natural phenomenon, we designed Snapper, turning your fishing outings into a real adventure.
Engineered through seasoned experience, feasibility, and passion, the Snapper has everything you need for the perfect experience.
Perfect For Both Fresh & Salt Waters
Whether you prefer freshwater, saltwater, or both, Snapper has got you covered!

An Exhilarating Way To Fish

While the basics remain the same, fishing is a constantly evolving sport that requires innovation and adaptation. With Snapper, you are developing a new and exciting tactic to seize the catch. Snapper - A New Captain Awaits

How it works?

Attach the Snapper to the fishing rod with a knot. Drop it to the bottom then slowly reel it up a few meters, and repeat. Effective. Clean. Easy.

Snapper, The Turtle That Knows How To Fish

Designed to mimic the turtle's swimming style, Snapper is the perfect lure for baiting different types of freshwater and seawater fish. Now you can quickly and efficiently cover a larger area, convincing the fish to bite onto your hook.

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